Sarkozy: French colonial era unjust in Algeria

French President Nicolas Sarkozy here Monday lashed out at colonization and said it was in "violation" of principles of justice and fratenrity.

Sarkozy: French colonial era unjust in Algeria
Sarkozy, speaking before executives of French and Algerian companies, said colonization was violating the three major principles of the French Republic: Liberty, Justice and Franternity.

"But it is just to say that inside this (colonization) regime there were many men and women who loved Algeria before they were forced to leave. Yes, there were many vicious crimes during the independence war which claimed number victims from both sides," said Sarkozy.

He urged Algerian and French historians to document the colonization period.
Sarkozy lambasted at all forms of racism, islamophobia and anti-semitism.

"We have all to, either in France or in Algeria, to firmly fight against all forms of racism, all forms of islamophobia and all forms of anti-semitism, " said Sarkozy.

The French president, meanwhile, said Paris and Algiers would sign an agreement in nuclear energy as well as USD-five-billion worth of partnership agreement.


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