Saudi Plan to Ease Lebanon-Syria Tension

Saudi Arabia has presented Lebanon and Syria a proposed agreement to defuse tensions between the two neighbors, which took a nose-dive following the assassination of former Lebanese premier Rafiq Al-Hariri last year.

Saudi Plan to Ease Lebanon-Syria Tension

"We have enough problems as it is. Its about time we resolve the ones we have - Palestine, Iraq - instead of establishing more," Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saud Al-Faisal told Britain's Financial Times on Tuesday, January 17.

He said the kingdom had found a set of general principles for an agreement, but was waiting for a response from the two countries.

"Now its in the hands of both countries and they will let us know," he told the British business daily.

Arab press reports have cited a seven-point plan, worked out by Saudi Arabia and Egypt, that includes putting an end to media campaigns, ceasing provocative statements from politicians, exchanging diplomatic representation and coordinating foreign policy.

The top diplomat, however, denied seeking a compromise on the UN investigation into Hariri assassination, which has implicated some top Syrian officials.

"This has nothing to do with the investigation. We are as anxious as anyone to find out who the perpetrators are and we want them to be found quickly."

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