Senate backs Iraq withdrawal date

The US Senate has passed a bill calling for all US combat troops to leave Iraq within a year, defying a veto threat.

Senate backs Iraq withdrawal date

The Senate vote came only an hour after George W Bush made his third vow inless than a week to veto such a law.

"I'll veto a bill that restricts our commanders on the ground... a billthat doesn't fund our troops," he said.

The vote of 51 to 47 links funding for the war to a goal of getting US combat troops out of Iraq by March2008. The House has passed a similar bill.

The Senate bill approves $122bn (£62bn) in funds - mostly for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq- but also orders the president to begin withdrawing troops from Iraq within 120days of passage of the bill.

It sets a goal of pulling all combat troops out of Iraq by the endof March of next year, but does not explicitly demand their removal.

The House and Senate must now reconcile their two versions of the bill andsend the result to President Bush.

If he refuses to sign it, the bill will not become law.

The votes in both the House and Senate were close enough to suggest Congresswill not be able to override his threatened veto.


Source: BBC

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