Serb thief buries 1.5 mln euros in park

A Serbian bank clerk who stole nearly 1.5 million euros from his bank left a note reading "I'm sorry", buried the loot in a park and waited at a cafe for police to arrest him.

Serb thief buries 1.5 mln euros in park

Aleksandar Spasic on Saturday walked out of the Raiffeisen branch office in the central town of Kragujevac with the money stuffed in his briefcase, state news agency Tanjug reported.

"I am sorry, but I had to do it," said the note he left for his boss.

Police found the money buried in six holes in a nearby park.

Spasic was arrested on Saturday at a cafe after he called police and asked: "How long do I have to wait for you?"

Police said Spasic was still being questioned on Monday. His motive was not immediately clear.


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