Serbia charges 14 war crime suspects

Serbian prosecutors filed charges against 14 Serbs for allegedly killing 70 Croat civilians in an eastern Croatian village in 1991.

Serbia charges 14 war crime suspects
The 14 people, members of the Serb-led former Yugoslav army and Serb paramilitary units, were accused of war crimes they allegedly committed after they captured the Croatian village of Lovas, close to the border with Serbia, Belgrade's B92 radio said Thursday.

The indictment, worked out in cooperation with Croatia's state attorney's office, charged that groups of armed Serbs killed 22 civilians in their houses and courtyards on Oct. 10, 1991, when they took control of the village. In the next week, another 23 Croats were killed in improvised prisons in Lovas.

The suspects were charged with forcing villagers to walk through a land-mine field Oct. 18 when another 22 people were killed.

In sporadic incidents, another three civilians were killed, raising the death toll to 70.

The suspects were arrested in Serbia in May.

Last year, Serbia and Croatia agreed to exchange evidence on war crime suspects so they could prosecute their nationals for atrocities committed during the 1991-95 Serb-Croat ethnic war.


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