Serbia: 'Serious problems' if EU sends mission to Kosovo

Serbia said that there would be "serious problems" if EU were to send a mission to Kosovo before a decision on the status of the breakaway province is confirmed by UN.

Serbia: 'Serious problems' if EU sends mission to Kosovo
"The EU mission is not welcome" on the territory of Serbia, Serbian Kosovo Minister Slobodan Samardzic said.

The EU announced that it was preparing to send a mission of 1,800 police and judiciary officials to Kosovo.

"Serbia sent a clear message to the EU that it is against the arrival of an EU mission in Kosovo before a solution of compromise is reached within the UN Security Council," Samardzic said.

He added that the arrival of the mission would signal the implementation of the plan of an internationally-supervised independence for Kosovo, proposed earlier in the year by UN Kosovo envoy Martti Ahtisaari.


Güncelleme Tarihi: 13 Aralık 2007, 12:40