Seven Secrets to avoiding fitness failure

Have you ever met someone who is ALWAYS consistent with his or her exercise program?Or someone who has had lifelong success sticking with a fitness plan? Ever wondered what their secret is?

Seven Secrets to avoiding fitness failure
Well, every person I have met or trained who has an extremely high level of consistency in their training almost always follows one or more of these seven simple strategies:

1. Smart, consistent scheduling – Keeping a regular workout schedule that fits into your life makes it easier to stick to your program. Instead of just "finding time each day" to work out, you should already know the exact time, and don't change it unless absolutely necessary.

2. Proper pacing and progression – Pacing yourself, listening to your body and not overdoing it help ensure you don't get too tired or injured, and this makes it easier to stay consistent. When you add a new activity, exercise or sport to your routine, take time for your body to adapt before you push yourself 100 percent.

3. Shorter workouts when necessary – Even if you are consistent, life has a way of throwing curve balls into your schedule, and you may not always have the amount of time you had planned to work out. However, even a little exercise is better than no exercise, and a shorter workout now and again is better than skipping your workout altogether.

4. Well-timed workout "vacations" – To avoid burnout, it is important every now and again to take workout "vacations" – one day, two days … maybe even a week where you don't work out, giving your body a break from your usual routine. Not only will this give your body a little rest, it will also help keep you engaged and interested in your workout routine.

5. New adventure workouts – Trying a new activity, sport or challenge can be a great way to keep your training interesting and fun. Rock climbing, hiking, water skiing, yoga, surfing, Pilates … anything new or unfamiliar will help your body get past plateaus, reduce boredom and put a jolt of excitement into your regular workout routine.

6. Strength AND flexibility training – Fitness fanatics tend to be "cardio junkies" and spend most of their workout time challenging their heart and lungs. However, a well-rounded workout program should also include strength-training and stretching. In fact, including strength-training and stretching in your exercise routine helps increase your odds of consistency by reducing your risk of injury. You also improve your opportunity to achieve results and help keep your body balanced.

7. Workout buddies – The single best way to boost your workout consistency is to find someone to work out with you. A fitness buddy can help keep you motivated, ensure you show up for your training sessions and make your workouts engaging. Even if you can't exercise with a buddy all the time, meeting him or her at least once a week is a great way to check in and keep each other accountable.

Remember, you don't need to incorporate ALL of these tips. Just try the ones that appeal you. (Survey: How consistent are your workouts?)

Sticking to a consistent workout program is difficult for everyone. However, these tips can make it easier and more fun, and put you on the road to lifelong success!

Jay Blahnik

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