Sezer Vetoes Erbakan Law

President Sezer vetoes the government's passing the law on former Prime Minister Erbakan

Sezer Vetoes Erbakan Law

Turkey's President on Friday vetoed a law recently passed by the country's parliament allowing an aged former prime minister to serve a prison term in house detention. President Ahmet Necdet Sezer said that the law dealing with Necmettin Erbakan, passed in late February, said that the legislation was law related to a single individual and did not take into account the interests of the public. "The fact that this legal reform was made to bring a solution to the situation of a former leader of a political party, and moreover with the goal of securing the execution of his sentence at his home... is known by the entire public and is a truth that cannot be denied by anyone," Sezer said.

The 78 year old Erbakan, who was prime minister for seven months in 1996 and 1997 was sentenced to more than two years prison after being found guilty of assisting in the misappropriation of millions of dollars in funds provided to the now banned pro-Islamic Welfare Party that he led. Many justice authorities had criticized the decision of not applying appropriate legal procedures on laws of political parties especially at the case of Welfare Party. Commenting of the President's ruling, Justice and Development Party group deputy chairman Sadullah Ergin said that the law had not been drafted for just one person but would have covered all those in similar circumstances.

On the other hand, daily newspaper Vakit gave many subjective and vital decisions of Sezer from his election to the presidency of Turkey till now as following:

President Ahmed Necdet Sezer forgave many savage leftist terrorists who were then participated in illegal activities again. Some of them were killed by police and security forces. Many DHKP-C (banned leftist movement) militants were forgiven by permission of Sezer against public opinion.

In addition to those decisions -which were strongly opposed by many foundations, associations, lawyers and judicial authorities - Sezer is being blamed as behaving as a loyal member of CHP which is opposition party and the biggest barrier on religious, human and political freedoms in Turkey since her establishment.

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