Sheikh Raed Salah arrested for waving Syrian flags

Israel arrested the Islamic Movement leader Raed Salah on Wednesday for waving Syrian and Palestinian Liberation Organization flags during a protest in east Jerusalem.

Sheikh Raed Salah arrested for waving Syrian flags

Israel accuses him of inciting violence.

The demonstrations were organised to protest the recent Israeli excavations at the Holy Al Aqsa mosque.

"This arrest and the police's violent behavior won't dissuade us from continuing our righteous and legitimate struggle. It's time they stopped abusing the al-Aqsa mosque," said Attorney Zahi Nujidat, a spokesman for the Islamic Movement.

Recent remarks by the Muslim cleric, wherein he called on Muslims to stage an uprising against Israel's current works which he described as attempts to destroy Al Aqsa Mosque, Islam's third holiest site, and pave the way for construction of a biblically inspired third Jewish temple, prompted Deputy State Prosecutor Shai Nitzan to start the investigation with the Islamic leader.

"It is now the duty of every Arab and Muslim to start a full-out Intifada in order to save Jerusalem and the al-Aqsa mosque," Salah said.

Sheikh Salah, who's been arrested as per an order by Attorney General Menachem Mazuz, is currently being investigated by Israeli authorities for allegedly indicting violence, racism, and rebellion.

Israel's recent excavation works at Al Aqsa mosque sparked massive yet peaceful protests throughout the Muslim world.

But protests organised and led by Sheikh Salah, which also sparked heated debate over the relationship between Jews and Arabs in Israel, raised Israelis' fears.

"Raed Salah is not a sheikh or a religious leader. He is a terrorist and we need to remember this," conservative Israeli lawmaker Effie Eitam told Israel Radio. "He needs to be treated as a terrorist, as a ticking time bomb within the foundations of the state of Israel."

"It is the Israeli authorities that are the ones that should be charged," Salah said in an interview before his arrest. "I'm in the right, trying to fight for a just cause, and I have the right to resist."

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