Soros-backed American Jews to Launch new Mideast Initiative

The Israeli attacks on Lebanon that were quietly supported by the United States sparked hot debates on Israeli-American relations inside the American Jewish community.

Soros-backed American Jews to Launch new Mideast Initiative

The Financial Times claimed that some Jewish circles in the United States are trying to organize a new Jewish lobby that will spend efforts to maintain peace between Israel and Palestine. The paper also noted that the new initiative to be called "The New Israel Project" will be backed by the renowned Jewish tycoon George Soros, also known for his opposition to the U.S. President George Bush.

The paper reported Tuesday that within the Jewish community in the United States, a new initiative was launched with the support of Soros and Palestinians to lobby for a viable peace accord. According to the report, the new group, which will be designed as an alternative to other U.S. Jewish lobbies, will be lobbying for an initiative that will propose a two-state solution, and involve the United States. The Financial Times, which asserted that the new structure might rival the most influential U.S. lobbying institution, the American-Israeli Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), also noted that the leaders of this initiative, however, denied the allegations of this sort. An organizer of the proposed "New Israel Project," Jeremy Ben-Ami, said: "The Lebanon conflict provided a sense of urgency to discussions. The discussions represent a new effort to promote the perspective in the Jewish community that Israel's security depends on ending the Palestinian conflict peacefully. We deeply care for Israel. The Lebanon conflict shows the dangers facing Israel and its need for peace as quickly as possible."

David Elcott from the U.S. Jewish Congress; Morton Halperin, former State Department foreign policy analyst and executive of the Open Society Institute chaired by Soros; and Debra DeLee, Chair of the Peace Now! Organization, were listed by the paper among the supporters of the new project. It is expected that George Soros, who has been criticizing Israel's tactics against Hezbollah while seeking a political settlement with the Palestinians, will express support for the project.

The discussions over American-Israeli relations were resumed by John Mearsheimer from the University of Chicago and Stephen Walt from Harvard University, who stated in their article on the influence of the Israeli lobby published in March that Israel blockaded the United States by all means, and that no U.S. administration could ever take a step not favored by Israel.

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