Statue in Lahey for Hocalı Massacre

Victims of Hocalı massacre made by Armenians in 1992 in Upper Karabagh commemorated all around the word.

Statue in Lahey for Hocalı Massacre

By Worldbulletin staff

Victims of Hocalı massacre that was made by Armenians in 1992 in Upper Karabagh, have been commemorated in many countries.

Among these are Azarbaijan, Uzbekistan, China, Germany, USA, France and Turkey. It is stated that they will be continued to the end of February.

Some foundations, statesmen, diplomats and students attended the ceremonies conducted in cooperation by Turkish and Azeri societies.

Holland-Azarbaijan Turkish Cultural Association erected a statue in Lahey as memorial to victims of Hocalı Massacre of Armenians and a ceremony was made at Nieuw Eykenduynen Cemetery in Lahey, Holland.

It was attended by many diplomats including Azeri ambassador to Lahey Fuad İskenderov and Turkish Embassy Counsellor to Lahey Hakan Çakıl and scientists.

İskenderov stated that "With this statue, we want to make the martyrs immortal who had died for their country."

What is Hocalı Massacre?

On February 25, 1992, Armenians murdered too many Azeri civilians in Hocalı, a town in Nagorno Karabagh in Azarbaijan.

According to Human Rights Watch it was the most extensive mass murder since the Armenian invasion of Azarbaijan.

The number of Azeri causalties is estimated to be 400 to 1000. Azeri offical sources state the number of victims as 613 civillians, of which 106 women and 83 children.

The town was not under protection of Azeri forces when it was invaded by Armenians.

Hocalı, strategically one of the most important hills of Upper Karabagh was a military target for Armenian Forces. It also hosts the only airport of Karabagh.

Armenians sieged Hocalı and heavily bombed it. Then they invaded the town and murdered civilians. Hocalı was totally destroyed and it was an important step for the success of Armenian invasion of Karabagh.

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