Sudan, the next Iraq?

Darfur Province had always suffered the brutal conflict and its impacts, but this was never genocide. True that the conflict-stricken region Darfur has been in an almost constant state of misery and chaos, but accusations that the Khartoum government was

Sudan, the next Iraq?

Contrary to what it claims, Washington doesn't have the least intention to reduce the carnage in Darfur and has no credibility as far as "humanitarian intervention". Afghanistan or Iraq are good example of what devastating impact the U.S. intervention in a country causes. The daily bloodshed, brutal attacks claiming the lives of scores of civilians- the two counties now are suffering an unprecedented level of widespread violence, all because of the U.S. occupation.

According to an editorial from Egypt's Algomhuria, Bush is finalizing new invasion plan, this time against Sudan to "prey upon its land and its riches." But will" Americans reign in Bush and his outlandish ideas … for once?" the author questions.

In war-torn Afghanistan, the U.S. has made no effort to establish security beyond Kabul, the Afghan capital and in Iraq analysts and political experts are warning that the country is on the brink of a bloody civil war. Same situation would be soon in Sudan.

The Bush administration couldn't hide its true intentions toward Sudan since the conflict broke out in Western Sudan's Darfur Province.

Washington made numerous statements at the beginning of the crisis, claiming that the situation is genocide and accusing Khartoum of being responsible of te blooshed; trying to shift the world's attention away from true conspirators behind the conflict, and we now see the U.S. President appealing to NATO Secretary General Japp de Hoop Scheffer for a NATO intervention into Darfur to end the crisis.

But Bush's goals are far from installing peace and ending bloodshed in Sudan, on the contrary, all he wants is to meddle in Sudan's affairs just as he did in Iraq, and now suffers tremendously trying to clean up the mess he created in the occupation-devastated country.

We all knew that Bush's decision to invade Iraq in 20 March 2003 and topple its leader wasn't for the welfare of the Iraqi nation, whom the U.S. President claims was his prime concern. The situation in Iraq speaks for itself, the daily massacres, targeted killings, roadside, and car bombs in which scores of innocent lives are lost, are all because of Bush's stupid decision to invade the country.

Now the American President is moving to Sudan, proposing to the NATO Secretary to wait until the African Union mission peacekeeping force fails to deliver its task of monitoring ceasefire in Darfur. The mission will then be moved to the Security Council, where a resolution will be tabled.

Washington and the NATO will then try to persuade Sudan government that NATO's purpose is mainly to install peace in the country's conflict-stricken regions, providing the Sudanese people with the security they longed for.

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