Suicide blast kills six at Danish embassy in Pakistan

A suspected suicide bomber blew up a car outside the Danish embassy in the Pakistani capital on Monday killing six people and wounding about 20, police and hospital officials said.

Suicide blast kills six at Danish embassy in Pakistan

Danish newspapers angeredvMuslims around the world when they published cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad in late 2005. The blasphemous cartoons sparked protests in 2006 around the world.

The embassy in Islamabad was temporarily shut in 2006 after protests over the cartoons.

Residents of the neighborhood said they had feared an attack on the mission.

"Since the printing of cartoons, we always had this fear," said Sana Khalid, a resident of the area. "But what they did to our religion, they deserve it."

The blast destroyed the embassy gate and damaged the front of the building and vehicles in the compound in the upmarket district of Islamabad where other missions and diplomats' houses are located.

Police and security officials said all of the dead and wounded were Pakistanis and the bomb was suspected to have been set off by a suicide bomber in a car.

The blast left a crater about three feet (one meter) deep on the road outside the mission. A car engine was left about 30 feet from the crater.

Television pictures showed considerable damage to nearby buildings and vehicles. One of the dead appeared to be a Pakistani guard. Two of the dead were policemen, police said.

Anti-cartoon rally

Danish Foreign Minister Per Stig Moller condemned the attack.

He said in an interview on Danish television station TV2 News, he did not know if any Danes were hurt.

The blast coincided with an anti-cartoon rally in the city of Multan attended by about 200 people.

After hearing news of the blast, the protesters shouted "Allahu Akbar" (God is greatest).

"Whoever commits blasphemy against the Prophet Mohammad will face more serious consequences than this," said city cleric Intizar Hussain. "If it is a suicide attack, than whoever did it will go to heaven."


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