Sunnukrut: Israeli suggestions on dialogue with Jordan test balloons

The PA Economy Minister stresses that such suggestions are a part of the unilateral program

Sunnukrut: Israeli suggestions on dialogue with Jordan test balloons

The PA economy minister Mazen Sunnukrut, described the Israeli suggestions to commence bilateral strategic dialogue with Jordan and to form an economic committee grouping the Hebrew state, Jordan, and the United States as "test balloons" related to the forthcoming Israeli parliamentary elections in March.

"We doubt that such suggestions would prosper in the absence of political stability in the region, and without ending the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian lands", he said.

The minister stressed that such suggestions were part of the unilateral program Tel Aviv had followed in the past, including the pullout from the Gaza Strip and its declared intentions to unilaterally pull out of parts of the West Bank.

"Our economic relation with Jordan is healthy and strong as the supreme Palestinian-Jordanian bilateral committee is set to convene in March so as to delineate new horizons of bilateral relations based on equal and firm bases", the minister underlined.

He elaborated that both sides agreed to form Jordanian-Palestinian corporations to invest in both sides of the Jordan River, as the Palestinian side will erect an industrial area in the Jordan valley, while, Jordan would be entrusted with the installation of logistic and commercial storehouses on their side.

Source: Palestinian Information Center

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