Super-Fast Memory Card Invented

IBM, Qimonda and Macronix have discovered new technology that could allow memory chips to work faster and with less energy.

Super-Fast Memory Card Invented

Spike Narayan, a nanotechnology expert at IBM, said that the new invention was related to PCM memory cards and made of a kind of semiconductor alloy.

PCM cards spend half as much energy as flash cards, which are used in devices like digital cameras and digital music players.

Narayan said that many things previously impossible with flash cards can now be realized with PCM memory cards. He added that hard disks may be replaced by these cards and faster computers may be created.

Narayan said PCM's would complement nanotechnology if companies made the effort. Fast and "economic" PCM cards will expectedly replace flash memory cards soon.

IBM, Qimonda and Macronix agreed on joint research in 2005. The technical details were to have been announced at the International Electron Devices Meeting in San Francisco on Monday according to the Taipei Times.

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