Super tomography from Turkish scientists

A group of Turkish scientists can image several underground activities like mine, mineral, oil reserves or column damage in buildings with a tomography they are generating.

Super tomography from Turkish scientists
"We do not only want to contribute to scientific development, but also enable Turkey to pioneer technological developments," Professor Ibrahim Akduman of Electric & Communication Engineering Department of the Istanbul Technical University (ITU), who is one of the scientists generating the tomography, told A.A correspondent on Friday.

Akduman said people only think tomography is used to view the internal organs of human beings.

According to the professor, the currently-used tomographies are cylindric and you can image the sections by X-ray coming from every part of the device.

"However, you cannot see something buried under soil this way. You can only see it through beams sent from only one part," he told.

Akduman said experts interpret the images taken by computer tomography system. "But in our method, all data will be reflected on the computer without any need for an expert."

"Our system will mainly focus on underground objects, including mines planted under soil," he also said.


Güncelleme Tarihi: 21 Aralık 2007, 15:49