Survey: 53% of electorate will vote for Hamas, 25% for Fatah

Based on a fresh survey conducted by the Palestinian center for political research and surveys in the West Bank and Gaza Strip from 17-19 of this month

Survey: 53% of electorate will vote for Hamas, 25% for Fatah

Hamas will reap 53% of the total votes, while Fatah will settle second with 24.5% of the votes on the proportional list level.

Other smaller parties, including the independent Palestine list of Mustafa Al-Barghouthi, and Al-Tareek Al-Thaleth (third path) of Salam Fayyad, former PA finance minister, among other small parties were reported to garner between 2-5% of the votes.

In a related matter, the change and reform bloc's famous candidate Mariam Farahat (Um Nidal) addressed thousands of Palestinian women in the Qarara town in Khan Younis district during a massive election rally held by the bloc before the deadline of the election campaign set forth by the central election commission (CEC).

Um Nidal urged Palestinian women to actively participate in the voting process for the sake of changing and reforming the Palestinian community as well as delivering it out of the quandaries engulfing it due to erred practices by other factions over the past decades.

Other candidates of the bloc highlighted the Palestinian women's role in the Aqsa intifada vowing to accord the Palestinian woman the position she deserves based on the Islamic law, and in proportion to her great sacrifices.

In the steadfast West Bank city Al-Khalil, more than 60,000 citizens attended the bloc's election rally in the district where they renewed allegiance to Hamas and the bloc.

The glorious and enthusiastic scene in Al-Khalil district was repeated in Qalqilia city where tens of thousands of Palestinian citizens took part in the bloc's election rally where a number of vigorous speeches were delivered by the bloc's candidates in the presence of foreign media.

The attending masses reiterated phrases of loyalty to the bloc assuring it of its absolute voting for it.

In a related matter, armed groups affiliated with the PA ruling Fatah faction assaulted an election rally of the bloc at the Qarawat Bani Zaid village, west of Ramallah.

The group members pointed their guns at small children present in the rally causing a state of terror among them.

The attackers retreated when voices went loud while chanting "Go to PLC oh Hamas" slogans.

The bloc also concluded its election campaigns in Jericho city with a massive rally considered the biggest in the city's history.

In other West Bank cities, including Tobas and Salfeet, the bloc successfully ended its election rallies amidst tens of thousands of best wishing Palestinian citizens who expressed hopes of deliverance with Hamas presence in the PLC.

Source: Palestinian Information Center

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