Syrian ambassador criticizes Bush's statements

Syria's ambassador in Washington, Emad Moustafa, on Friday lashed out at statements by US President George Bush against Syria's role in Lebanon.

Syrian ambassador criticizes Bush's statements
Moustafa said President Bush's statements were unjustified since Syria had nothing to do with what is going on in Lebanon.

The Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) quoted ambassador Moustafa as saying that Bush was feeling depressed over the attempts to reach a consensus among the Lebanese people and a settlement satisfactory for all.

According to Mousatfa , Bush's "failing" policies in Afghanistan, Iraq and Palestine prompted him to try to divert eyes to Lebanon, especially after a sort of understanding was taking place among the countries concerned with lebanon's interests and the decision concluded on a candidate for the presidency.

He revealed that the US had recently been inciting a Lebanese party against another.

President Bush said on Thursday that he had lost patience with Syria's President Bashar al-Assad, and ruled out opening a dialogue with him. "He doesn't need a phone call, he knows exactly what my position is," Mr Bush said at a year-end news conference.

"My patience ran out on President Assad a long time ago," Mr Bush told reporters at the White House.


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