Syrians condemn state corruption in poll

Almost all Syrians believe their state institutions, especially the judiciary, are mired in corruption, according to an opinion poll published on Wednesday in the official daily Ath-Thawra.

Syrians condemn state corruption in poll
The newspaper has been among several official dailies in Syria to condemn widespread corruption in major sectors of the economy which have proved a financial burden for the state.

Asked if "corruption exists in official or state-run institutions", 450 out of 452 people said "yes", according to the survey by Ath-Thawra.

"The majority of those surveyed believe that the judiciary is the most corrupt state institution," the daily newspaper said, without giving a percentage.

A hefty 46 percent said "senior civil servants" were among the most corrupt in state-run insitutions.

Ath-Thawra said it sent out questionnaires to its readers in a bid to "shed light on corruption" and reveal "its negative repercussions on the lives of the Syrian people". It gave no margin of error for the poll.

A major anti-corruption campaign by the state-run Syrian media in 2000 was followed by the suicide of a former prime minister, while a former deputy prime minister and an ex-transport minister were jailed for 10 years.

In March 2007, Prime Minister Mohammed Naji Otri sacked more than 50 officials for corruption, most of whom worked for state companies in the electricity, tobacco and communications sectors.

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