Targeting Syria and Lebanon Is a Part of an Integrated Project, al-Assad Stresses

In an address during a conference of Arab legal groups and unions in Damascus, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said the deterioration in relations between Beirut and Syria was due to a "global plot" against the Arab world.

Targeting Syria and Lebanon Is a Part of an Integrated Project, al-Assad Stresses

President al-Assad said that the current developments in Lebanon seem to be an outcome of the new international situation starting from the issuance of resolutions 1559 and ending at the assassination of Premier Hariri and the formation of the international investigation commission and what has followed of new international resolutions targeting Syria and her stances. 

"Targeting Syria and Lebanon is a part of an integrated project to blow up the identity of the region in order to reshape it under new titles to meet the Israeli aspirations to impose its hegemony on the region and on its resources," The president added.

" Syria has been in the heart of the event not because of its geographic location or because of her political, social and human link to the main conflict areas but because of her role, history and position," the President pointed out.

President Al-Assad underlined that Syria has been crystal-clear  regarding the investigation of Premier Hariri's assassination, stressing Syria's cooperation with the investigation until the doers are known, and Syria will continue cooperating currently and in the future with the investigation for reaching the truth on the basis of sovereignty and national interests.

In his address at the Arab Bar Association Conference, The president added: " Syria's interest meets with investigation interest when the investigation is honest but if there is somebody who thinks that politicizing the investigation and diverting it from its natural course can push Syria to do what they want, he will be wrong and wasting time and opportunity to establish stability in the region and he will be affected negatively,"

Source: SANA

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