Technical problem delays space shuttle launch 24 hours

A technical problem with the US space shuttle Atlantis on Thursday may force NASA to delay its launch for 24 hours, a spokesman said.

Technical problem delays space shuttle launch 24 hours
The problem concerned two of the four gauges on the shuttle's external fuel tanks and came to light just hours before the craft was due to take off for a new mission to the International Space Station.

"They are doing the trouble shouting and will make a decision," a spokesman for the US space agency said.

The two gauges were showing that the fuel tank was empty when in fact it was almost full. But the launch could still go ahead if three of the four gauges are working normally, he said.

A similar problem with the gauges occurred in July 2005 when the Discovery shuttle was launched, and led to a week-long delay.

Atlantis, carrying a seven-strong crew including a French and a German astronaut, is due to launch at 2131 GMT from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida on an 11-day mission to deliver a European laboratory to the ISS.


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