'Termination of Palestinian cause on Annapolis agenda'

Muslim Brotherhood movement leader Mahdi Akef said Tuesday that Annapolis conference was aimed at "terminating the Palestinian cause," describing the meeting as "artificial."

'Termination of Palestinian cause on Annapolis agenda'

"Holding this conference refers to the fact that the Arab regimes have no real vision of the reality the Islamic world is going through," Akefa said in an interview with pan-Arab al-Hewar satellite television.

"That is why Arabs, including Saudi Arabia, were quick to cooperate with the Zionists thinking they may gain something," he said.

He said the Muslim Brothers consider Jews to be Zionist gangsters who settled in "Palestine," killed its people and contaminated everything.

Akef said he believed the Arab peoples were still capable of change and reform, despite what he called the dictatorial regimes ruling them.

The Muslim Brotherhood is an Islamist group that functions much like an opposition political party in Egypt at loggerheads with the ruling party.

It is also considered a strong social organization with a large network across Egypt building and running mosques, hospital facilities and charity organizations.

Eighty-eight members of Egypt's lower house of parliament are loyal to the group.


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