TGTV and The Unity Call for Union Against Provocations

The Foundation of Volunteer Organization (TGTV) and The Union of Islamic World NGO's (The Unity) hold a joint press conference to condemn provocations among Shi'ites and Sunnis in Iraq.

TGTV and The Unity Call for Union Against Provocations

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The president of TGTV and General Secretary of The Unity Necmi SADIKOGLU; The President of Turkey's Caferîs Selahattin OZGUNDUZ and The president of Foundation of World's Ahl-i Bayt Fermani ALTUN and representative of many NGO's joined to the press conference. On behalf of all foundations, associations and member organizations Necmi SADIKOGLU gave the following press statement:

We condemn the provocations that will damage the unity of the Islamic World !


"Treacherously and beastly attacks, targeting the tombs of Imam el-Askeri and Imam Ali Hadi who were the grand-grand sons of our Prophet (Peace be upon Him), were carried out in the city of Samarra,Iraq last week. Also, the tomb of Selman Farisi who was one of the companions of our Prophet (pbuh) was bombed last Saturday. Following these brutal attacks more than 400 muslims were killed and a lot of mosques and praying sites were destroyed in the carried out incidents.

Firstly,we have to make one thing clear :

Nobody can put the blame on the muslims regarding those brutal attacks against our holy shrines.No sincere and geniune Sunni or Shiite muslim can carry out those brutality.It is clear that international evil centres are behind those attacks.

These attacks are the international deception targeting the unity of the muslims to be destroyed and sowing the seeds of hypocrisy and enmity and also targeting the Islamphobia to be increased.We condemn all the dark and evil centres that carried out those brutality and we also condemn the international powers that prepared the way for the evilness and not to take necessary precautions for preventing those violence.

We are calling out to those international power centres which want to sentence the humanity into the future of darkness:" We Muslims of Sunnies,Shiites know and take each other as brothers  without any discrimination of sects and races.You can not set us at loggerheads with your tricks and deceptions!

Our Creator, Allah, is one (same), our Prophet (pbuh) is one, our Book is one, our Directon (Mecca) is one.There are other thousands of reasons of unity. Our hearts beat together as we believe in one and only Allah and we tie to His rope, tightly! As we know "All the believers are brother and sisters!" according to our belief.

We don't let you to make brothers kill each other! Just as we, Muslims, regard our Prophet (pbuh) much more beloved and more precious than our lives, so we love our Prophet's family and His Companions and the Imams who were His Descendants, much more than our own lives.Those evil attacks against our holy shrines disturb and make sorrow all the muslims,at the same level, without regarding any sects.

We condemn the evil actors of this game and their dark and brutal hopes."


We'd like to make a call to our brothers both in Turkey and elsewhere in the world of Islam:

Dear Brothers,

The happenings,like in Iraq,today, have been occured and been repeated in the history.The enemy powers that were unable to beat us from outside, want to reach their dark wishes by sowing the seeds of hypocrisy and enmity inside us and by setting us at loggerheads.The only way for preventing this evil will is to tie to Allah's Rope tightly and not to forget the points which unite us. This evil game played in Iraq,definitely,is not local.Before this game,global actors have provocated Islamic World by insulting our Prophet (pbuh). They might carry out many games for destroying the unity of Islamic World. Let's unite tightly and strongly against those provocations. Those evil attacks and the evil fire put in our lands, must increase our brotherhood.We have to mercy each other.


Our biggest enemy is to be the enmity inside and between us.


If we don't want to suffer under captivity and degradation, we have to shelter ourselves into the castle of the Quranic verse of "All the Muslims are brothers" against the ones who benefits from our falling apart.We are like the parts of a body or the wheels of a factory.If we fight each other,that means we betray to our brothers. I want to remind you of the poem liens of our freedom poet,Mehmed Akif "Without entering disunity into a nation, no enemy can enter in / If all the hearts beat together,no guns can beat them"


Let's not forget these orders of our Holy Book Quran : "And obey Allah and His Messenger; and do not fall into disputes if you do this, you will loose you heart and your power depart; be patient and persevering; for Allah (swt) is with those who patiently persevere" (8/46),  "And hold fast,all together,by the Rope which Allah(stretches out for you), and be not divided" (3/103).


Let's remember this order of our Prophet (pbuh) always : "Don't stop good relations between you! Don't offended each other and not to fall apart! O,servants of Allah,be brothers."(Ibn-i Mace, bind:10, page:32)


All the humanity need the Call of Islam that gives peace and comfort. Let's not let the evil centres which work for stopping this call. Again,we condemn and curse the global evil centres which organize those brutal attacks in Iraq. We invite the allied powers that occupied the Islamic countriers, to take necessary precautions for stopping the terror and to stop the occupation. If those global actors want to serve for the peace of the world and the humanity, they have to stop their current policy as soon as possible. Otherwise, this policy will keep going to harm the humanity and the world itself."                     

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