The master of the masters

A name that is well known in Turkey and all around the world as a representative of economy, culture and charity.

The master of the masters


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Prof. Dr. Sebahattin Zaim is a person who witnessed the history of republic very closely.

He was at the age of 8 when his father decided to return Turkey from Macedonian district Istip in 1934. Because of the elders in his family, he got a very good scientific and political education.

Sebahattin Zaim who could never forget his coming to Istanbul continued his education in İstanbul which he started at the age of 5 in Macedonia.
Since there were no religious education lessons in their neighborhood, he got religious education lessons from the imam of the neighborhood. Till he learned how to read Qur'an with his brothers, he hid the holy books in imam's house since it was a must for them not to be caught by the police.

The master of the masters, Prof. Dr. Sebahattin Zaim, was born in the Istip village of Macedonia, in 1926. He immigrated to İstanbul with his family in 1934.

He completed his bachelor degree at the University of Ankara, Faculty of Social Sciences, Department of Administration in 1947. He became an assistant in 1953 at the İstanbul University, in the Social Policies Department and he worked there for 40 years in different levels continuosly.
In Saudi Arabia, Malik Abdulaziz University, he also worked as a guest tutor. He was the founder dean of  Sakarya University, the Department of Economics and Administrative Sciences. In 1998 he retired after a half century of academical life.

Zaim, between 1998-2000 was also a member of the Higher Education Board of Turkey (YOK). Since he trained thousands of scientists, scholars and politicians, he is called "The master of the masters all over the world.
Zaim, known both in Turkey and worldwide was the founder and member of many national and international foundationas and organizations. May his soul rest in peace.

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