The top of Turkish state was in martyr's funeral

The top of the government was in the funeral of the Upper-Sergeant Mahmut Özdemir who was martyred in Diyarbakir by the terrorists.

The top of Turkish state was in martyr's funeral

M.Hasan UNCULAR / Worldbulletin

The Upper-Sergeant Mahmut Özdemir, who died after the mine explosion replaced by the terrorists in Diyarbakir was buried in Ankara today.

In the funeral the President Ahmat Necdet Sezer and the Minister of Foreign Affairs Abdullah Gul prayed shoulder to shoulder. A lot of ministers , high ranked army offices and citizens joined the funeral.


Around Ankara Kocatepe Mosque, the police took high security measurements. A group holding Turkish flags in their hands shouted " Martyrs do not die, country do not divide", "Everything is for the country", "Damn PKK," "May the hands hitting the soldiers be broken". The group members were wearing T-shirts written " The martyr candidates."



After the noon pray, the martyr's corpse was buried in Karsiyaka Graveyard.

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