The UN good for nothing?!

In the year 1945, 50 original member countries signed the UN charter in San Francisco. Among many of the world body's goals, the UN was initially established to support human rights, promote social and economic progress, protect the world against future w

The UN good for nothing?!

However, the most dominant member; the U.S., hinderedthe UN missions mainly through its Security Council veto power.

Even though, at every incident people would be encouraged by the presence orarrival of the "Blue Helmets" or peacemakers" as the international communityprefers calling them; disappointment usually follows their mission. Mostlythese peacemakers have caused more conflict and disruption than they havemaintained peace enforcing agreements and aiding reconstruction.

Other than providing the right aid when it comes to health, education, foodassistance and social development, the UN's history holds many failures tomaintain any of the most important tasks.

Despite the fact that the UN has been involved in Lebanonthrough the "UN Interim Force in Lebanon– UNIFIL" since March 1978, Israelhas invaded and destructed many parts of the country without establishing anypeace or security. As a matter of fact an Israeli bomb hit the UNIFIL base onthe 25th of July 2006 killing four military observers. That's not all, UNIFILin South Lebanon is also known to be an ally to Israeland the US to the extentthat it can engage in confrontation against Hezbollah and would do the fightingas well as the dying for Israel.

• Darfur

In Sudan, the UN has anotherfailure for the history to record; in 2005, the UNMIS was established in Sudan tosupervise the Comprehensive Peace Treaty between the Sudanese government andpeople.

And even though it was successful in ending the 22-year war, it is still unableto finish the conflict that is taking place in Darfur.The UN estimates deaths to total 6,000 Africans a month as a result of themilitary attacks, the cutoff of sources of food and water and disease. However,it might seem like a perfect mission for the Blue Helmets, the 8,000 memberhave so little chance to cover the 3 huge regions encapsulating all of Western Sudan.

On the other hand, Congois one of the most disgraceful missions in the history of the UN. The MONUCbegan its operations in 1999 in an attempt to manage the ceasefire agreement,which wasn't an easy task for the same reason in Sudan;the country is the size of Western Europe. Thefailures begin with being unable to effectively intervene during the secondCongo War, which resulted in the deaths of five million people in 4 years.That's not the most terrible part, it's also reported that the UN peacemakersare sexually abusing and gang raping girls at the age of 12 and 13, which iswide spreading despite many revelations and probes by the UN office of InternalOversight Services.

There is no end to the disappointments of the UN in many countries; Burundi, Ivory Coast and Liberiawere among many countries, which uncovered the similar sexual abuse that tookplace in Congo.

The UN also holds a long list of failures; including failing to protectmisplaced people in the civil war in Angola,also failing to condemn slavery in Sudan,Kashmir, Afghanistan,Zimbabwe, Sierra Leone and many more, not to mention itsfailure to prevent or intervene in Iraq war.

It's become crystal clear that the controlling hand over the UN (that is the U.S.) hascaused a defect in the performance of such organization that was established inthe first place to help lift people's sufferings instead of pushing themfurther in new ones.

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