Toll rises after Chinese floods

At least 150 people are now known to have died in China from tropical storm Bilis, state media reports

Toll rises after Chinese floods

Torrential rain hit the area in the wake of the storm, bringing floods and landslides and forcing millions to flee their homes.

Rescue teams are still wading through flooded streets to reach thousands of people stranded by the high water.

More heavy rains have been forecast in the area in the coming days.

Path of destruction

Hardest-hit was the inland province of Hunan, where at least 78 people were killed, the China Daily newspaper reported.

Thousands of homes have been swept away, and large areas of farmland have been destroyed.

In Guangdong province, where an estimated 33 people died, flooding cut the main Beijing-Guangzhou railway line, stranding 5,000 passengers.

In nearby Lechang, waters as deep as 3m (10ft) forced authorities to move 1,600 inmates from the local prison to higher ground.

Mudslides have also been reported in Zhangzhou, Fujian province, killing at least 10 people.

Forecasters are predicting that heavy rain will continue across southern China for several days.

Typhoon Bilis hit Philippines and Taiwan before landing on the Chinese mainland on Friday and being downgraded to a tropical storm.

The storm is the latest severe weather to affect China. At least 349 people died last month after storms and torrential rain battered parts of the country.

Seasonal heavy rains and typhoons causes hundreds of deaths in China each year. But meteorologists have predicted this summer will be particularly bad, with warm Pacific currents causing more typhoons than usual.


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