Trading Blood for Oil

The reason that brought the U.S. invading army to Iraq, is the same reason why it would stay there, "protecting a steady oil supply".

Trading Blood for Oil

Many analysts have suggested that the United States invaded Iraq in alliance with Britain on March 20, 2003, mainly to steal its oil wealth and not because of any of the lies presented by the American and the British leaders in the run up to war, including the former Iraqi leader's never-proved ties to Al Qaeda network and the alleged weapons of mass destruction that threatened the security of the United States and the entire world.

But the U.S. authorities still insist that the invasion of Iraq was to liberate Iraqis from the brutal regime.

The U.S. has never been that keen or caring about democracy and freedom. On the contrary, America's interference in any country, diplomatically or militarily had always been aimed at building big business with stolen resources, using the labour of poor or enslaved people.

This isn't ancient history, the U.S. is using the very same policy up till now, best example is Iraq.

The American President George W. Bush's recent visit to Iraq was another attempt to brainwash the angry American troops and convince them that they're winning the war, part of a larger and "honorable mission" aimed at rooting out terror in our world; his so-called "war on terrorism".

Bush, now getting ready for his mid-term elections, is trying to shift the U.S. public's attention away from the fact that killing innocent Iraqi civilians in a misguided war and the army's disgraceful behaviour including torturing and abusing prisoners are the main reason behind the worldwide negative sentiments against Americans.

No matter how hard the American President tries to deliver an image opposite to what's actually taking place in the war-ravaged country, violence and bloodshed will persist and the conflict will continue, for Bush is fighting the systems and not the causes, stated an opinion column on Columbia Daily Tribune.

What the U.S. President failed or intentionally chose not to acknowledge is the reason why Iraqis are willing to die to inflict any harm on the U.S. forces.

It's because the vast majority of the Iraqi nation now understands that the U.S. forces didn't come to liberate, but to implement a certain agenda that includes exploiting the Arabs' resources, especially Iraq's, and establish military bases in 120 countries. It's the U.S. continuous attempts to police the world, forcing its policies on other countries' political systems, ousting governments and placing puppet ones.

If the U.S. wanted to help the Iraqi nation it would have offered that in a different way, may be help it fight illiteracy, disease and poverty.

Because of the U.S. foreign policies, the world now sees Bush as the biggest terrorist of all.

The U.S. doesn't intend to leave Iraq, not even if stability and security were restored in the country, an evidence for that is the massive new U.S. Embassy being built beside the Tigris River in Iraq.

The reason that brought the U.S. to Iraq, is the same reason why it would stay there; "protecting a steady oil supply".

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