Turk opposition sues newspaper over bugging claims

Turkey's main secularist opposition party filed a criminal complaint agaınst Vakit daily on alleged illegal monitoring of its SG Onder Sav's office.

Turk opposition sues newspaper over bugging claims
Republican People's Party (CHP) lawyers submitted the criminal complaint petition to Ankara Chief Public Prosecutor's office on Friday.

CHP is accusing Vakit newspaper's owner along with two of its writers for illegally publishing excerpts of CHP's SG Sav's conversation with former Governor Ali Serendag, in his office, in its edition on May 26th.

The petition said though the identity of those who made illegal monitoring was unknown, it was certain to whom they serviced the content of the monitoring.

CHP's lawyers say in the petition that this act was a violation of the European Convention on Human Rights and the Turkish Penal Code.

The petition said a search for bugging devices was performed in Sav's office and nothing was found, which directed them to the conclusion that the room was monitored from a distance.

The lawyers said CHP HQs was equipped with high technology security and surveillance systems and said, "Not only it is impossible for someone to enter the building unnoticed or unchecked but also visitors are escorted with security personnel through the corridors and common areas which are at the same time monitored with surveillance cameras. Recordings from these cameras were thoroughly examined and no unusual thing was noticed," said the lawyers.

The petition said both the making of the monitoring from a distance and the exact match of the actual conversation with the excerpts published on Vakit daily showed that the technology used was very advanced.

"Only professionals and special teams possess these advanced devices and technologies. Plus, as can also be understood from the news stories that appeared in the press and on TV's, the producers of these technologies can sell their products to only States under permission granted to them by their country's authorities."

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