Turk-Russian FMs to meet in Istanbul for Caucasus plan

Russian ambassador in Ankara said on Wednesday that his country and Turkey had the same stance regarding the implementation of the Montreux Convention.

Turk-Russian FMs to meet in Istanbul for Caucasus plan
Russian ambassador in Ankara Vladimir Ivanovskiy assessed the latest developments in the Caucasus region during a press conference held in the Turkish capital.

Stating that Turkey and Russia shared the exact same views on the Montreux Convention, Ivanovskiy said all the parties that signed and did not sign such convention should act in accordance with it.

Commenting on Turkey's stance regarding the recent developments in the region, Ivanovskiy said Turkish Foreign Ministry desired the conflict to be solved in a peaceful way and it supported Georgia's territorial integrity.

Ivanovskiy said Russia also supported peace and did not desire to harm Georgia's sovereignty.

Replying to a question on the establishment of a "Caucasus Cooperation and Stability Platform", Ivanovskiy said Turkish and Russian foreign ministers would meet in Istanbul to discuss this issue in detail in early September.

Upon a question on how Turkey and Armenia as well as Russia and Georgia, which are countries that have certain problems with each other, will be able to sit on a table to discuss such issues, Ivanovskiy said such a gathering could take place within the framework of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation Organization meeting to be held in October.

Commenting also on the recognition of Kosovo's independence, Ivanovskiy suggested such development violated Europe's "national sovereignty principle".

Ivanovskiy was posted as the Russian ambassador in Belgrade during 2002-2003 period.

The ambassador argued such development became a precedent.

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