Turkey criticises Greeks allegation over EU's Frontex

Turkey expressed regret over remarks of some Greek executives.

Turkey criticises Greeks allegation over EU's Frontex

Turkey expressed regret over remarks of some Greek executives on Friday.

Turkey's Foreign Ministry released a statement in which it regretted recent remarks of some Greek executives, particularly those of Foreign Minister Dora Bakoyianni.

In its statement, the ministry said Greek executives claimed that Turkey assumed a stance against the Operation Poseidon and was not cooperating.

The Operation Poseidon 2009 is an exercise performed in the Aegean Sea in coordination with the European Union (EU) agency Frontex against illegal migration.

Frontex is a European Union (EU) agency specialized to coordinate the operational cooperation between member states in the field of border security.

"Turkey regrets such remarks that do not reflect the facts," the ministry said.

The Turkish ministry said that Turkey was fighting against illegal migration with determination, and was sharing the goals of the mentioned exercise.

Turkey's Coast Guard Command had been charged to ensure contact with Frontex, the ministry also said.

"A Turkish delegation comprised of executives of the concerned institutions would visit Frontex headquarters in Warsaw in coming days, receive detailed information about the exercise, and express Turkey's views," the ministry said.

The ministry also said that Turkey was also negotiating with Frontex on a draft to lay the groundwork of a cooperation.

The Turkish ministry defined migration as one of the striking phenomenon of this age stemming from global poverty and stability.

"Turkey, which has borders with the unstable regions in the world and which is also a neighbor of the EU, is always ready to cooperate with the union against illegal migration as a candidate country," the ministry said.

In the statement, the ministry said that Turkey once more reaffirmed its determination in fight against illegal migration and readiness for a comprehensive cooperation with the EU during the recent visit of Jonathan Faull, the director general of the European Commission's Justice, Freedom and Security Department.

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