'Turkey has rich mine reserves'

Turkey has nearly 50 billion tons of 49 types of underground mines, according to a report titled "apparent mine reserves" of the Mining Examination and Exploration Institute of Turkey (MTA).

'Turkey has rich mine reserves'
Turkey is ranked the 28th in terms of production of mineral resources and comes on the 10th place concerning diversity of mines among 132 countries, the report said.

The country possesses 77 of 90 types of tradeable mines in the world.

Turkey has the largest underground mineral reserve of dolomite with 15.8 billion tons, according the report of MTA. On the other hand, there are 13.9 billion tons of marble, 8.3 billion tons of lignite and 5.7 billion tons of rock salt in the country.

Güncelleme Tarihi: 19 Şubat 2008, 12:07