Turkey immigrant boat Captain has 17 past crimes

It is being speculated that Huseyin Guzelcan may have been steering the ship, which killed 46 immigrants. Guzelcan, now known as a 'crime machine' has 17 past crimes.

Turkey immigrant boat Captain has 17 past crimes
Hüseyin Güzelcan, who is thought to be Captain Ali, turns out to have a very long list of past crimes. Gülzelcan's identity was detected from his fingerprints and he has 17 crimes in his past including murder.

The mystery behind the disastrous deaths of dozens of immigrants in Izmir has begun to be revealed.

Hüseyin Güzelcan's body was found along the shore of Selçuk. It has turned out that Hüseyin Güzelcan frequented Basmane and was known as the troublemaker of the neighborhood.

The authorities are taking into consideration the fact that the body was found 30-40 kilometers away from the others and are emphasizing the possibility of this being the Captain Ali that was in charge of steering the ship.


Güncelleme Tarihi: 14 Aralık 2007, 14:59