Turkey may start EU entry talks in April

The European Union is ready to open actual negotiations with Turkey on one of the 35 negotiating chapters, that of science and research.

Turkey may start EU entry talks in April

A report drafted by the European Commission following the screening process was approved by the Committee of Permanent Representatives (COREPER), according to diplomatic sources. The European Commission has recommended, in the report, to member states that Turkey is ready to start detailed negotiations on science and research.

Following the approval of the report, Austria holding the rotating six-term presidency of the bloc asked Ankara, in a letter, to present its Common Position Paper on science and research. Actual talks with the 25-nation bloc on this chapter are expected to start in April or May after Turkey and the EU submit their Common Position Papers.

That means Turkey may start actual talks in the first half of 2006 during Turkey-skeptic Austria's term as the bloc's rotating president.

Turkish laws on fisheries under EU screening:

Officials from Turkey and the European Commission held an exploratory session yesterday in Brussels for the screening of Turkish legislation on fisheries. The European Union acquis on fisheries consists of regulations that do not require transposition into national legislation; however, it requires the introduction of measures to prepare administration and operators for participation in the common fisheries policy, which covers market policy, resource and fleet management, inspection and control, structural actions and state aid control. In some cases, existing fisheries agreements and conventions with third countries or international organizations need to be adopted.

Officials from Turkey and the European Commission will gather next week for a detailed session on the intellectual property law. The screening process is in preparation for accession negotiations, which were formally opened on Oct. 3. After screening is closed in each subject, or chapter, the detailed negotiations begin on adapting national laws to the European Union's extensive regulations. EU member states must then unanimously approve a decision to start accession negotiations on each of the 35 chapters into which EU regulations are divided.

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