Turkey: 'No to Nuclear'

Sinop hosted a "No to Nuclear" meeting on Saturday as part of an organization by the Anti-Nuclear Platform. Around 10,000 people joined the gathering organized by the Sinop Anti-Nuclear Platform, an organization that consists of 54 non-governmental organi

Turkey: 'No to Nuclear'

The events of 26 April 1986 revealed the frightening reality of nuclear facilities, as well as that of the Turkish authorities, when the Chernobyl nuclear disaster occurred, said Hale Oguz, who spoke at the gathering on behalf of the Anti-nuclear Platform.

A high price was paid for this disaster, said Oguz: "The story that we have heard today, again and again, is the main drive for our gathering in Sinop. We will never bow to pressure from scientists, from the news media or from the capitalist companies; and we will never ever succumb to power of any kind, be it nuclear, bribery or politics; we will not let our right to live be taken away from us."

The gathering was also an occasion for some interesting events. A number of musical acts performed on the stage during the rally at the town square and about 60 fishing boats anchored off shore brandished placards with anti-nuclear slogans.


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