Turkey ranks third over clean sea water

The number of blue-flagged coasts of Turkey rose to 258 which made the country third in the world after Spain and Greece.

Turkey ranks third over clean sea water
Turkish Foundation for Environmental Education (TURCEV) told AA on Tuesday that "blue flag" represented a clean sea water as well as a good environmental management which had required facilities and attached importance to environmental education and information.

TURCEV was established in Turkey with the aim to start "Blue Flag Programme" in the country in 1993.

Turkey received blue flag for the first time in 1994 for 12 beaches and 9 marinas. This year 258 beaches and 13 marinas won blue flag in Turkey.

Thus, Turkey ranked the third in the world after Spain (455 blue flags) and Greece (430 blue flags).

Southern province of Antalya is on top with its 143 blue-flagged beaches in Turkey. Western provinces of Mugla has 57 blue-flagged beaches, Izmir has 21, Aydin has 16, northwestern province of Balikesir has 12 and southern province of Mersin has 6 blue-flagged beaches. Northwestern provinces of Canakkale, Tekirdag and Yalova each has one blue-flagged beaches.

2,633 beaches and 620 marinas have blue flag across the world.


Güncelleme Tarihi: 17 Haziran 2008, 16:29