Turkey to decide this week on purchase of Arrow missiles

Turkey is decide this week whether to buy the Arrow missile defense system manufactured by Israel and the United States. Alternatively, Turkey is considering buying U.S.-manufactured Patriot missiles or Russian S-300 missile systems.

Turkey to decide this week on purchase of Arrow missiles

The decision is to be made by Turkey's high industrial defense committee, which will convene in Anakara and will be joined by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Defense Minister Vecdi Gönül and Chief of Staff General Hilmi Ozkok.
Turkey wants to improve its aerial defense system in light of Iran's procurement of Shihab surface-to-surface missiles and Russia's announcement that it would sell Syria advanced weapon systems.

According to a report by the Turkish news agency New Anatolyan, the committee will also discuss upgrading the Turkish air force F4 planes.

Fifty-four of the planes have been upgraded in Israel by the Israel Aircraft Industries. The other 48 planes will be upgraded in Turkey, and turkey is to decided whether the Israel Aircraft Industries will serve as a sub-contractor and supplying the radar and avionics systems.


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