Turkey to start regional diplomacy within 'Kurdish opening'

Minister Atalay met with representatives of civil society organizations in mainly Kurdish of Diyarbakir to explain the government's Kurdish opening.

Turkey to start regional diplomacy within 'Kurdish opening'


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Interior Minister said Turkey would start regional diplomacy within "Kurdish opening" to stop PKK violence and eradicate the underlying problems of local Kurds in these countries to make it easier to return to normal life.

Specifying the government efforts to work with all sections of society for "Kurdish opening" initiative, Interior Minister Besir Atalay said "the responsibility falls to everyone who are rational and reasonable."

Minister Atalay met with representatives of civil society organizations in mainly Kurdish of Diyarbakir for breakfast to explain the government's "democratic opening," an official word that refers to "Kurdish opening".

In his speech, Atalay said they have been working on the democratic initiative for a while and AK Party government is taking steps forward for increasing standards of democracy in the country.

Saying they took an initiative and the Assembly gave an overwhelming support to this project, Atalay stated the initiative is a step further for establishing a "fraternal atmosphere".

Atalay was assigned with the coordination of government's "democratic opening" task and he visits Diyarbakir as an effort to explain the plans and listen to opinions of different sections.

Talking about his previous meetings with experts and NGOs, Atalay said in order to listen all opinions, he will talk to civil society organizations, experts and citizens on the streets in Diyarbakir and other cities.

Atalay said they seek a broad consensus and the government has the responsibility for the execution of this initiative.

Atalay continued as follows:

"(It is a) sincere, determined and brave work. We, as the government, show our commitment, but we also make a call; "everyone, lets assume responsibility."

"This is not only the AK Party's, or our government's problem. This is a problem for our country, for everyone who lives here, for each organization and party. Let's finish this. Responsibility falls to everyone," he said.

"Our people yearn for peace, want a normal life."

Two main targets

Indicating that democratic opening task has "two special primary goal", Interior Minister Besir Atalay said:

Atalay also said that the matter has security, intelligence, diplomatic and economic dimensions.

"Terror in Turkey to end, worry and fear of terrorism to go away, we take necessary steps to do this. There are many other dimensions. There are meetings with countries of the region and diplomacy. The coming weeks, the work will be intensive. There are foreign travels and meetings. There would be some contacts with Iran, Iraq and Syria in stopping the violence coming in from the North of Iraq. The visits also include northern Iraq as well.

"The expansion of democracy inside the country ... Turkey became a more open society. Turkey became a country that everyone is more free, a country where human rights are expanding. Many steps have been taken in 7 years. New ones are added to these steps."

Atalay said they seek "big support" from the society and the General Assembly.

The meeting betwwen NGOs and Minister Atalay continued closed to the press after the speech.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan sent a letter to the Republican People's Party leader Deniz Baykal for arranging a meeting on the democratic drive. Baykal refused to back the opening.

Main opposition leader's answer is being awaited.

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