Turkey's Erdogan urges NATO, EU to encourage Balkan states

Turkish PM Erdogan urged NATO and EU to keep their doors open to Balkan countries.

Turkey's Erdogan urges NATO, EU to encourage Balkan states

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Friday that NATO and EU should keep their doors open to Balkan countries and give encouraging messages particularly on enlargement.

Speaking at the inauguration of the Summit of the Heads of State & Government of the South-East European Cooperation Process in Kishinev, Moldova, Erdogan said, "we particularly expect EU countries to carefully refrain from statements and actions that will demotivate regional countries towards accession."

Erdogan underlined Turkey's strategical importance and said, "Turkey is geographically located at a point where Europe and Asia meet. Turkey undertakes an important responsibility and gains a strategical position being at the intersection point of the east and the west, the north and the south."

"Turkey believes that the region may be the center of Eurasia with a strong integration and solidarity atmosphere that would be restored in the Balkans. If we can succeed, we will be able to contribute a lot both to the regional and global relations. History, humanbeings and cultural background of our country are so vast and deep that can not be compared with any region of the world," Erdogan said.

Turkish Prime Minister said Kosova's integration with the international community was very important to foster stability in the region."Turkey's policy regarding Kosovo is very open. However, I would also like to underline that Turkey's relations with Serbia is also very important. Turkey appreciates Serbia's policy giving primary importance to diplomacy on Kosovo," he said.


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