Turkey's FM calls on Norway to probe police beating, death / VIDEO

Davutoglu called on Norwegian authorities to launch an investigation into the woman death.

Turkey's FM calls on Norway to probe police beating, death / VIDEO

Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said that newly appointed German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle and he agreed that the Cyprus issue should not obstruct Turkey-the EU relations and that the strategic dialogue mechanism between Turkish and German foreign ministries should be put into practice as soon as possible.

Davutoglu met with German Vice Chancellor and Foreign Minister Westerwelle who is currently in Ankara on a formal visit.

He said at a joint news conference following the meeting that they decided to form a mechanism of consultation and cooperation, and that they agreed to put into practice the strategic dialogue mechanism between Turkish and German foreign ministries.

Davutoglu said that they were planning to open Turkish-German University soon.

Referring to Turkey-Germany economic and commercial relations, Davutoglu said, "there are about 4 thousand German companies operating in Turkey. After the recent increase in amount of natural gas purchased from Russia, Germany became the second biggest commercial partner of Turkey behind Russia."

Davutoglu told reporters, "Turkey-the EU relations topped agenda of our meeting. I thanked Mr. Westerwelle for extending support to Turkey's EU process. We also welcomed that he once again underlined the principle of 'pacta sund servanda' (Latin for "agreements must be kept"). Germany is one of founder and leading countries of the EU. Undoubtedly, Germany has a strategic perspective about Turkey-the EU relations. This perspective will have positive impacts on future international positions of Turkey, Germany and the EU."

"I informed Mr. Westerwelle on the Cyprus issue in detail. We agreed that the Cyprus issue should not obstruct Turkey-the EU relations. We also exchanged views on what can be done to ensure a fair and lasting peace in Cyprus under the United Nations parametres," Davutoglu said.

"The regional developments, Afghanistan, the Middle East peace process, Iran's nuclear program, efforts to normalize Turkey-Armenia relations and the Upper Karabakh dispute were also high on agenda of the meeting," he said.

Call for probe

Upon a question about an incident in Norway against a Turkish family, Davutoglu told reporters, "we are profoundly sorry that one of our citizens lost her life in Norway. It is our duty to protect rights of all our citizens. This is also an issue of human rights. We officially called on Norwegian authorities to launch an investigation into the incident. Also, the Norwegian Embassy in Ankara was given a diplomatic note."

A 63-year-old woman died in Norway while waiting for an ambulance. When Dondu Tulum had a cardiac attack, his son Fedai Ucarli called for an ambulance. After paramedics were late, he made another call and yelled at officers. Police came to Turkish family's house and beat Ucarli, his wife and his brother-in-law. The old woman died at home in lack of medical assistance.


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Shelley Simonsen
Shelley Simonsen - 11 yıl Önce

I live in that neighborhood in Oslo.

1. The police did not beat anybody up.
2. The police officers were attacked first.
3. The woman who died was an ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT.
4. The woman's family said that she could not live in Turkey and get the medical care she needed there. (Not that they were interested in getting her any medical care while she was living as an illegal in Nroway.) Why couldn't she get care in Turkey?

Anonymus - 11 yıl Önce

Norwegian Police and medical survey in Norway its only for Norwegian citizens, other people are discrimined, Minority in Norway mising the elementary rights like Judish people in germany before the second world war.

Nils Svendsen
Nils Svendsen - 11 yıl Önce

A more precise recap would be something like this:

A 63-year-old illegial alien died in Norway while waiting for an ambulance. The turkish relatives, who has lived several years in Norway but still couldnt sufficiently make them selves understood by the paramedics, got abusive and threathened the paramedics. Ambulance was sendt immediately, but the abuse and threats forced the paramedics to send in the police to secure the situation first. When the police came to the site and finaly made it past the hysterical relatives, the woman was dead.

The anti-racist industry cries bloody murder on queue, but fortunetly the emergency calls have soundlogs which by the mostpart have been released to the media. The complete soundlog with the abuse and threats have been released to the familys lawyer, who no longer whants them to be published. Essential bits and peaces has still been leaked...

The norwegian citizens cant with their best intentions understand how so-called sivilized people can threathen and abuse paramedics whos job is to help...

Harald Brag
Harald Brag - 11 yıl Önce

This woman had no legal permit to stay in Norway. She had several times refused to leave the country. When turning ill, her relatives threatened police and ambulance personell, behaving really very badly.
This is a tragic story of course, but hardly nothing the Norwegian authorities could do very much about.

Erol - 11 yıl Önce

Are Norwegians racist? And in-human? Because she is an illegal alien, she has no right to medical treatment? And she should go back to Turkey to get it? I suppose a Norwegian dog has preferential treatment than a foreigner. If this is the case, I won't be going to visit Norway anytime to spend my money. And I won't be welcoming to Norwegians who visit my country.

What the?
What the? - 11 yıl Önce

What is wrong with you? *************** is that's what you believe.

Alexander - 11 yıl Önce

Norway is not a bad place a all, she would have gotten help even if she was here illegal, but here familiy was abusive and threatheting towards the paramedics, so the cops where sent in first.

Mabey turkey and teach norway how to care for its illegal immigrants and sick?

apples - 11 yıl Önce

I'm not quite sure what beatings the article is referring to, seeing as there was none. There's video of the incident and I'm pretty sure handcuffing someone does not qualify as "beating" them.

That said, the paramedics should have entered the building sooner, the son in law and his wife should never have been handcuffed, and the police should have reacted much faster. But when you hear the language, the swearing and the threats made against the ambulance, I do understand them being a little worried about their own safety.