Turkey's FM says impoving Azerbaijani ties for Armenia gain

"We are rightful to establish parallelism between the normalization process and the illegitimate occupation", Davutoglu said.

Turkey's FM says impoving Azerbaijani ties for Armenia gain

Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said Sunday Armenia's greatest gain will come from establishing friendly relations with Turkey, a country that has a big and deep rooted government.

Speaking on Turkey's state-run TRT TV channel on Sunday, Davutoglu said that the signing of the protocols was a "crucial step".

The protocols will now be submitted to the Turkish parliament. It is up to the parliament to decide when to approve or not approve the protocols, Davutoglu said.

Following the approval at the parliament, the protocols will go into effect in two months. It is out of the question to open the borders automatically after the signing of the protocols, Davutoglu stressed.

The occupation of Upper Karabakh is not a legitimate one. We are rightful to establish parallelism between the normalization process and the illegitimate occupation, Davutoglu said.

It will be a gain for Armenia to improve relations with Azerbaijan, Davutoglu said.

If not today, the occupation there will end tomorrow. The earlier the occupation ends, the more gain will be achieved by all, Davutoglu said.

We desire to lift borders around Turkey as time passes. We aim at getting closer economically and culturally with Turkey's neighbors, Davutoglu said.

Armenia is presently out of the equation in the region. Unless there is peace, it would be impossible for Armenia to join the equation, Davutoglu stressed.

Touching on the incidents of 1915, Davutoglu said that it would be a great mistake to turn individual reactions into state policy.

The (Armenian) diaspora should not direct Armenia. It is crucial for Armenia to develop policies that protect its own interests, Davutoglu noted.

Davutoglu pointed out the importance of establishing a joint historical commission and establishing a "just memory".

In reference to the participation at the signature ceremony in Zurich, Davutoglu said that no foreign actor was influential in the process that led to the protocols.

The only foreign influence came from Switzerland as the mediator, Davutoglu said.

The protocols were shaped by the will of the government of the Republic of Turkey, Davutoglu said.

Reminding that the Progress Report on Turkey will be announced this week, Davutoglu said that every positive step taken by Turkey will add momentum to Turkey's EU process.

A Turkey that is not effective in its region could not become a respectable member of the EU, Davutoglu said.

Asked if the Armenian President Serzh Sargsian will arrive in Turkish province of Bursa to watch a soccer game between the national teams of Turkey and Armenia, Davutoglu said that "it is Turkey's wish to see Sargsian display the political courage and maturity that Turkish President Abdullah Gul displayed. We are waiting for Sargsian. It is his own decision".


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