Turkey's parliament speaker proposes bicameral system

"The bicameral system will help us to ease the burden of the Constitutional Court," said Toptan.

Turkey's parliament speaker proposes bicameral system

Turkey's parliament speaker has proposed to debate the bicameral system in the country.

Holding a news conference, Koksal Toptan said on Saturday, "we should work to advocate, protect and develop democracy. We need to adjust our political and legal structures to this understanding. To this end, I think that it would be beneficial to open debates on the bicameral system along with preparation of a new constitution. The bicameral system will help us to ease the burden of the Constitutional Court. In that case, the court will have the opportunity of working more comfortably," he said.

"The Republic of Turkey has overcome many problems since the day it was founded. I believe that we would succeed in resolving our current problems democratically. Therefore, we should refrain from actions that could harm each other or destroy the feelings of confidence in our institutions," he said.

Toptan said that he was planning to call leaders of political parties having seats at the parliament to a meeting in the coming days to asses the recent developments.

"Our constitution is based on the rule on the separation of powers as executive, legislative and judicial organs. Duties and authorities of each organ are clearly defined in the relevant articles of the Constitution," he said.

Toptan said the high court has overstepped its authority of interpreting the related constitutional provision, which gives the court the power to examine an appeal "only in its form."

"Although the constitution clearly states that the Constitutional Court can only examine a constitutional amendment in its form, the court passed a ruling on the substance of the case," Toptan said.

"The court ruling opened the way for questioning the the principle of separation of powers, which proved a source of concern for the improvement of our democracy," he said.


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