Turkey's PM warns against 'opening exploitation'

Pro-Kurdish DTP was accused of turning the surrender of 34 members of PKK into a show off.

Turkey's PM warns against 'opening exploitation'

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Thursday that exploitation of "democratic move process" would not have any benefit to national unity, integrity and fraternity.

Pro-Kurdish Democratic Society Party (DTP) Istanbul branch announced on Wednesday that they started preparations to meet a group of PKK members coming from Europe. A statement released by the party said, "We will meet PKK members from Europe with the same glory."

Anadolu news agency reported that Erdogan said deriving political benefits from the process was "disrespect to sensitivities of the country".

Speaking at a meeting, Erdogan said, "Turkey is going through a historical process. Very important developments are occurring regarding domestic and foreign policy. The Turkish government is removing one after the other the obstacles impeding Turkey's progress."

Erdogan said, "34 people entered from Habur Border Gate on Monday and they were interrogated. Those people were released within the framework of related laws. We are reiterating our call to them to lay down arms."

The surrenders comes as a result of Turkish government's efforts to launch a "democratic initiative" which is expected to be unveiled soon.

"I am warning those who want to derive benefits from this process and who provoke the process. I request my nation not to consider the show offs as a criteria," he said.

DTP was accused of turning the surrender of 34 members of PKK (who were released after their interrogation in Habur) into a show off.

Turkey released all PKK members who surrendered to security forces earlier Monday. The group of 34 PKK members surrendered at the Habur border gate between Turkey and Iraq.

Turkish Interior Minister Besir Atalay said Tuesday we will hear more good news in the upcoming days.

Atalay said that the Turkish government expected around 150 terrorists to surrender to Turkish security forces in small groups in the initial stages.

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