Turkish army confirms its troops withdrawn from N.Iraq

Turkey's military General Staff said on Friday that its troops had returned to bases in Turkey after a major ground offensive against PKK in N Iraq.

Turkish army confirms its troops withdrawn from N.Iraq
Turkish General Staff said on Friday the cross-border operation reached its goal and Turkish troops returned to bases in Turkey on February 29th, 2008.

General Staff said in a statement posted on its website that the Staff decided on the beginning and completion date of the operation by considering military needs.

Turkish Chief of General Staff said in a statement on Friday that its units in Iraq's north have returned to their bases in Turkey as of the morning of February 29th after the land operation reached its goals.
The statement said 240 terrorists have been neutralized, and 24 Turkish soldiers and three village guards were martyred in the clashes.

"The Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) have decided when to begin and end the operation on its own deliberation and its decision is not influenced from outside or inside. Moreover, some of the units were already pulled out in accordance with the initial planning on the day that there were certain news reports about the issue," the statement said.

The statement said 126 caves, 290 shelters and hideouts, 12 command centers, 11 communications facilities, 6 training camps, 23 logistics and 18 transportation facilities, 40 light weapons positions and 59 anti-aircraft gun positions were destroyed completely and partially.

"A major part of some 300 terrorists, which were assessed to be in the region before the operation started, were neutralized. Contact with a part of the remaining terrorists were cut off as they fled from the region," the statement said.

"Obviously, the terrorist organization cannot be neutralized completely by an operation in a single region. But the organization was shown that Iraq's north was no safe heaven for terrorists. The operation will contribute to the long-term stability and peace of Iraq as it prevented the region from being used as a permanent and secure base. TSK will continue to closely monitor Iraq's north and will not allow the region to be a source of threat against Turkey," the statement said.


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