'Turkish army does not need US approval for operation'

Lieutenant General Carter Ham, Director for Operations of the U.S. Joint Staff, said Monday "the Turkish military does not ask, nor do -- nor does the United States military provide approval for the missions in north of Iraq. It is not that kind of a rel

'Turkish army does not need US approval for operation'
In a press briefing, Lieutenant General Ham indicated that "the U.S. has asked and the Turkish military has agreed to provide notification so that their operations do not come in conflict with the Multinational Force Iraq's operations inside of Iraq. It is not, again, a situation of approval. They did notify us that it would be of limited duration and of limited depth, and so far, everything we have seen is consistent with that."

"The operation in north of Iraq appears to be what the Turkish military forces said they would do, of limited depth and of limited duration. We have seen nothing to contradict that so far," Ham noted.

"The exact timing of the operation will be decided upon by the government of Turkey. We have asked the government of Turkey to notify us and specifically Multinational Forces-Iraq when they anticipate conducting cross-border operations against the terrorist organization," Ham stressed.

"I think the secretary of Defense said it best, by stating that the solution to the PKK terrorist problem is not solely a military problem. There is a military aspect to it, but there are other avenues to resolve that difficulty," Ham underlined.

Lieutenant General Ham indicated that intelligence sharing between the U.S. and Turkey continues.

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