Turkish army plans to purchase cargo helicopters

Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) plans to purchase giant cargo helicopters in order to be used in military operations.

Turkish army plans to purchase cargo helicopters
"The TSK is planning to open a tender to meet the heavy-lift helicopter need of the army and ask interested firms to submit their bids," sources told A.A correspondent.

They said Boeing's CH-47 Chinook helicopters are the number-one candidate.

Chinook helicopters are used in 16 countries and are the most effective cargo helicopters in the world. They have two engines and tandem rotor system.

The counter-rotating rotors eliminate the need for an anti-torque vertical rotor, allowing all power to be used for lift and thrust. Its top speed is 315 km/hr. Its primary roles include troop movement, artillery emplacement and battlefield resupply.

"Turkey will most probably prefer Chinook helicopters because their maintenance costs are low and because they are suitable for Turkey's geographical structure," defense industry experts say.


Güncelleme Tarihi: 04 Aralık 2007, 15:33