Turkish army says seriously probes 'information leaks'

The Turkish General Staff said it seriously probes "information leaks" after a report on another alleged coup plan.

Turkish army says seriously probes 'information leaks'

The Turkish General Staff said it seriously probes "information leaks" after the details of another secret coup plan by allegedly some of the generals in the Turkish Armed Forces were unveiled by a Turkish newspaper.

Gen. Ferit Guler, the secretary general of the General Staff, said he wanted to draw attention to the timing of military intervention allegations which were made after searches at the Mobilization Regional Directorate in Ankara.

"Then, the Constitutional Court decided to debate annulment of a law paving the way for trial of military officers by civilian courts, and then those obscure allegations and plans were revealed," Guler told a weekly press briefing in Ankara.

Guler's remarks came after press organs published and broadcast stories on security action plan "Balyoz."

Turkish military accepted the existence of a plan allegedly aimed at discrediting the government, but denied it was a coup plot that included arrests of dozens of Journalists.

"Turkish Armed Forces is seriously investigating such information leaks. There is an investigation at the First Army and we cannot make a final rule before it is concluded," Guler said.

The First Army Command carried out the mentioned seminar on March 5 and 7, 2003 to develop action plans against foreign threats and to train relevant personnel.

"The plan-seminar was carried out within a scenario covering a period of gradually escalating tension. During the plan-seminar held in the purview of the First Army Command, marshal law and warfare-related issues were discussed in detail," the General Staff statement said.

"These allegations cannot be accepted by any people with reason and conscience. Taking these allegations seriously and commenting on them will only serve those who aim at creating an atmosphere of disturbance in our society," the statement read.

News reports published in several newspapers claimed that some senior officers prepared a coup plan named "Balyoz" in 2003 including acts like bombing mosques and even shooting down Turkey's own jets.


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