'Turkish Citizens will Fly at Least once in Their Life'

The Turkish Ministry of Transportation plans to have 100 million people in the skies in 2008.

'Turkish Citizens will Fly at Least once in Their Life'

Civil Aviation Directorate head Ali Ariduru has vowed to continue Turkey's growth in civil aviation into the new year and beyond.

"With our new aviation policies we are determined to pursue minister Binali Yildirim's 'every Turkish citizen will fly at least once in their life' campaign. If economic stability continues and there is no sharp change in oil prices, we want to have at least 75 million people fly," Ariduru said.

Airfare prices dropped significantly with the introduction of private airline companies to the sector. Companies sold tickets as cheap as bus tickets and since the second half of this year several campaigns were launched, offering passengers extremely cheap prices.

"Turkey's civil aviation will continue its unexpected growth in the international arena," Ariduru told Zaman.

He believes that traveling by plane will not longer be considered a luxury.

"Our goal is to have 100 million people fly in 2008. International experts had only envisioned 55 million passengers by 2015. But we reached that figure in 2005 with our 139 percent growth rate. Considering that an average growth rate is just five percent, ours is a world record. Despite the setbacks in tourism, our domestic and international passenger figure will be 60 million this year."

Recalling that Turkish Airlines was the only domestic airline until 2003, Ariduru emphasized that in the last three years several airline companies such as Pegasus, Onur Air, Atlastjet and Sun express have increased the number of airplanes in the skies from 152 to 263.

Turkish Airlines owns 110 airplanes and the remaining 153 belong to private airline companies.

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