Turkish Cypriot Broadcasting Board sends note to UN

The Supreme Broadcasting Board of Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) sent Friday a note to the United Nations upon Greek Cypriot TVs' hindering the broadcasts of several Turkish Cypriot TV channels.

Turkish Cypriot Broadcasting Board sends note to UN
Ilkay Diren, chairperson of TRNC's Broadcasting Board, gave the note protesting the Greek Cypriot efforts to the UN Peacekeeping Forces at the Ledra Palace border gate in Lefkosa.

Delivering a speech, Diren said Greek Cypriot broadcasting institutions did not act carefully while arranging their frequencies and it caused an "interference" with the Turkish Cypriot broadcasts.

The note submitted by Diren said that several TV channels operating in the Greek Cypriot side disregarded the "freedom of communication" of Turkish Cypriots by increasing their broadcasting power.

The note also criticized such unfair efforts and requested the Greek Cypriot administration to solve the problem shortly.

"The two communities of the island, who are currently walking towards peace in an effort to establish a common future, should respect each other," the note said.


Güncelleme Tarihi: 13 Haziran 2008, 16:53