Turkish Cyprius repeats call on Britain to block isolations

Turkish Cypriot Foreign Minister Ozgurgun held a press conference regarding his first official trip to Britain.

Turkish Cyprius repeats call on Britain to block isolations

Foreign Minister of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC), Huseyin Ozgurgun, held a press conference Friday regarding his first official trip to Britain.

Speaking to reporters at the London Representation of the TRNC, Ozgurgun said that the Turkish Cypriots called on Britain, a guarantor state, to display a clear attitude against unfair isolations and embargoes that the Turkish Cypriots were facing.

Britain does not behave equally towards Turkish Cypriots and Greek Cypriots. We expect Britain to take the first step in the issue of isolations, Ozgurgun stressed.

Touching on the negotiations process in Cyprus, Ozgurgun said that the Turkish Cypriots do not have any hope for a solution of the Cyprus problem any time soon due to the understanding and logic of the Greek Cypriots.

With its peaceful role and active foreign policy, Turkey has become a super power in the region and this fact is being closely followed by the British Government, Ozgurgun noted.

The Greek Cypriot leaders look at the Turkish Cypriots as a minority. They would like to make an agreement whereby the Turkish Cypriots would be a minority in the Republic of Cyprus. The Greek Cypriots see the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) and Turkey as the obstacles to their plans of making the Turkish Cypriots a minority. This mentality is wrong. There are two equal sides in Cyprus...Turkish Cypriots and Greek Cypriots, Ozgurgun emphasized.

If a solution is to be reached, this would be possible at the negotiations table. A comprehensive agreement could be reached after referenda in two sides. Any way other than this would bring a clash instead of a solution. As Turkish Cypriots, we favor an agreement. We are at the table for an agreement that is based on political equality of the two sides, equal status of the two founding states, bi-zonal structure, and Turkey's effective guarantor status. These are our red lines, Ozgurgun also said.

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